Socio-Economic Profile of Muraddi Mouza, Santuri C.D Block, Purulia District of West Bengal

19/10/2017Juthika Dey*
Carved out of the former Manbhum district of Bihar, Purulia district was merged with the state of West Bengal in November 1956 on the recommendation of the states of Re-organization committee. Jharkhand surrounds this western most district of west Bengal, Purulia, on its three sides, while its western boundary is flanked, for the major part, by Bankura district. The district also touches a part of Burdwan district on the northeast and part of Midnapore district on the southeast. Its latitudinal and longitudinal extensions from 22⁰42’35’’ to 23⁰42’00’’North and 85⁰49’25’’to 86⁰54’37’’ East respectively. Total geographical area of district is 6259 sq (census 2001), out of which the urban and rural area consist of 79.37 sq. kms (1.27%) and 6179 sq. kms (98.73%).

Educational characteristics Education plays a crucial role in socio economic development of a place. It also helps in the development of human civilization through reducing poverty, ignorance, exclusions …

Langmuir Circulation

19/10/2017Piu Mandal*
Langmuir Circulation is a kind of water circulation mainly driven by wind. It is the most important topic in Physical Geography and also most important research topic to the Oceanographer. The study of Langmuir Circulation is quite interdisciplinary, as it is a cross idea from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Applied Mathematics. Langmuir Circulation process or mixing the ocean layer mainly incorporated with fluxes of momentum, heat, mixing gases across the air-sea interface and transport of nutrients and others. There lies a crucial link in coupling the air and sea for mixing layer in ocean surface. What is Langmuir Circulation? “Langmuir Circulation is shallow, slow, counter-rotating vortices at the ocean's surface aligned with the wind”. These are mainly found when wind blows over the sea surface. This type of circulation is mainly seen when convergence of two nearby cells form a parallel pattern on the water surface. This convergence zone or area is popularly…

India is Heading towards a Grave Water Crisis : Save our Rivers

Sukannya Mullick*
Each and every day we get to hear that our water bodies are getting polluted, being it a river or a lake or a sea or any ocean and how can never ignore the pollution of our groundwater in which the pollutants are getting contaminated by the process of percolation of rainwater or inland flow of water from the streams. What are we doing? Nothing…. And that’s the answer, because everybody is just advising to become aware of the water pollution but no one is just taking the first step to prevent it. Not even me, because knowingly or unknowingly; intentionally or unintentionally me too is polluting our water bodies in one or the other ways. This widespread problem of water pollution is jeopardizing our health. Unsafe water kills more people each year than war and all other forms of violence combined. Meanwhile, our drinkable water sources are finite: Less than 1% of the earths freshwater are actually accessible to us. Without action, the challenges will only incre…